Offshore Oil and Gas is an extremely competitive job market to get into. Offshore positions are extremely sought after because of the high wages, long holidays and the lifestyle it often can bring. If you already have experience working onshore in the Oil and Gas industry this is often a great start. By already working within an organisation which operates offshore, you are continually learning about their actives and what work the different companies are carrying out. Having a good understanding of the current activities offshore will always put you in good stead for taking the move to go offshore.


There are a number of different methods or routes you can take to gain employment in the offshore industry. As per any job, where you start is dependant on your education level and your experience.  If you have experience or skills in other industries, these can often be transferred and applied in the Oil and Gas market and will often give you a great leg up when first starting out.


Your experience will always dictate how you can go about first applying for offshore positions. If you have no previous offshore experience but want to make the move for the first time, your best chances lie with the companies themselves. Apply for jobs directly from the companies operating offshore, don’t bother sending your CV into recruitment agencies as they often only recruit experienced personnel and may not even look at your CV.   However, once you have started to gain experience, agencies are often a good way to pick up work and gain higher day rates.


Having a graduate or post graduate degree in Engineering, Technology or any other technical subjects will also set you in good stead for employment in this industry. Businesses whom operate within this market place are continually developing new relationships with Universities to try and give  employment opportunities to newly qualified graduates. This route is often the cheapest and most effective as the companies will sponsor you through the required course which can often be very expensive and there is guaranteed work at the end which is often hard to find.


You don’t have to have a degree to get started offshore. If  you have just left school but have obtained some GCSEs or standard grades you could enter on an apprenticeship scheme and be given the opportunity to gain  NVQs, while learning and developing a skilled trade which can be applied to the  industry.  An apprenticeship scheme normally lasts for around 3 years and at the end of that time you will have a  trade, a qualification and a career in a sector which is experiencing continual  growth and development regardless of any economic downturn.


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