Here are TRP, we know how important marketing is for your business. It needs to represent your business perfectly, it needs to be cost effective and it needs to give you results. We have thrown out the marketing rule book and started again.


The Recruitment Project can offer a range of different advertising packages all aimed at different areas within the offshore market. We are the only company that can offer a niche, highly targeted marketing solution which is not only more effective, but its cheaper as well

Our marketing experts can help design a specific marketing stagey just for your business. We can help analyse your target markets and the best, most efficient ways of reach them. Using TRP’s products and services, we can enable our advertisers to reach a wide variety of national and international offshore markets within the Oil, Gas and Renewable industries.

We feel it is extremely that we stay ahead of the competition by implementing and harnessing the latest technology. That's why all of our sites are designed and built to work on all types of computers, tablets and phones. It is important to give our user’s access to The Recruitment Project wherever and whenever they want. This gives advertisers the opportunity to reach a wider population of their target market and increases the views and conversions each ad gets.

When you decide to join The Recruitment Project family, you will become fully integrated with us and our social media friends. You are not just buying advertising space, you are getting access to our social media audience as well. We will include you and your business in our discussions, posts, tweets and press releases. With thousands of followers over different social media platforms you can get instant communication with your target audience.

The Recruitment Project continually markets and advertises their sites on a global scale. We not only carry out traditional marketing but we specialise in unique and intuitive forms of viral marketing which make us stand out from the crowd. Our marketing stunts gather momentum extremely quickly with the national press and the on line community sharing and advertising The Recruitment Project as well as our advertising partners. By advertising with TRP, you benefit from the users and traffic generated by these campaigns and piggy back on the success of The Recruitment Project.

The Recruitment Project is the very first company to offer a range of niche recruitment sites. We are different from the mass market which makes us stand out from the crowd. Our unique concept generates a continual buzz around TRP and our services. As we have a range of sites all dedicated to different parts of the industry, advertisers can target their marketing more effectively. If you work in the DPO industry, why advertise on a site which covers other industries as well? This only proves inefficient and wastes your advertising budget. The Recruitment Project can offer advertisers the ability to target a specific market and only reach the people who are interested in your products or services. Carrying out highly targeted marketing makes your advertising a lot more effective and makes your budget go a lot further. Reach more people, for less money, its makes sense.

We're confused. Why does online advertising cost so much? After months of pondering we still don’t know answer, so we have come to the conclusion TRP should be different. We should offer comprehensive and effective marketing solutions for our advertisers but at a low and sensible cost. You don’t have to pay thousands of pounds just to have your logo featured on a website. We offer a range of advertising opportunities for cheaper than you might think. Speak to us and be amazed!

Interested in advertising with us? Get in touch with us and we can help you out.