The Recruitment Project is a on-line recruitment service which has been launched to respond to reports that the UK’s oil, gas and renewable sector must recruit the equivalent of its entire current workforce over the course of the next 10 years or risk losing its place as a leading global energy centre. The current online recruitment industry is saturated with similar, large corporate recruitment sites all trying to cover vast amounts of disciplines and job areas which results in the sites becoming crowded, inefficient and failing to help meet this demand.


The Recruitment Project is something special, something a little bit different. We stand out and we dare to be different. We have developed a new concept which sets out to revolutionise the on-line recruitment market by introducing a new, more efficient recruitment solution which is modern, simple and effective.

Our concept is simple, have a range of specialist sectors all dedicated to one specific, niche offshore area or discipline, make the recruitment process simple, fast and more efficient while bending over backwards for our users.


We currently have 5 sectors all dedicated to different parts of the offshore market. Click on a service below to learn about what TRP offers and the disciplines we cover.


We are all about design, usability and providing you, the user, with the perfect recruitment solution, whether recruiting or job seeking. Unlike our competitors, we are modern, trendy and flexible. We can customise our products to suit your needs. We continually analyse and develop our products to ensure we provide the best service possible.


It’s all about you and the industry we love!

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